Sunday, 31 October 2010

I'm moving ...

I don't have the time to write. So, tumblr is good for me =D , hopefully!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Happy Birthday. Bidding Goodbye.

Everything comes and go. Therefore, we, must move forward too. Coincidentally, fortunately, bi's birthday fall on a night before 2 of our friends are leaving. One for good, another for studies. Before I start, I wanna share this yummy Carbonara spaghetti.

Bi's birthday treat! Lovely luxurious red bean green tea cake from Kelle.

We headed to The Forum (club in our Uni) that night. Also, bidding farewell to Aaron who is going back to Malaysia for good. Leaving few of us behind now. =(

p/s: this post has been in the draft since a month ago! signing off - 27/10/2010

Friday, 24 September 2010


Life is great. With all these technology today, world is changing and we are having fun. An application for iPhone called Incredibooth allows me to snap picture like how the real photo booth is! Unfortunately, my iPhone is not jail break and I can't download this apps that worth £0.59. I seriously din't think its worth that much! I'm waiting for my version to get jail break.

Little bit by bitz

Again, it's been awhile since I blogged. Due to the weather, laziness, keep me away from blogging. hahaha. Been playing with my iPhone 4, that's why. Little bit by bit, I'm gonna share my bitz of my daily life. As usual, you work, eat, sleep and work again. Same routine, basically! And, I'm on my annual holiday for a week! woohoo!

Snacks from Slovakia. How much my ex-supervisor love me, this is how much she brought back from her country for me =) How sweet! I finish them in a day.

I went Westfield for shopping and I found this 'cake' in one of the cupcake booth. Interesting pieces of work and I wondered how much does it cost. o.o

I had this seafood 'wat tan ho' in one of the chinese restaurant in London where we have our karaoke session. Huge scallops and prawns. Therefore, its worth £8.80 per plate full!

Ba Chang all the way from Malaysia! A loving friend of mine brought them from a thousand miles. Missing home, indeed.

Last but not least, the bruises I get from work. Well, its not as bad when I first started work! I used to have like 10 blue-black on my both legs. hahaha. And I've got promoted as a Supervisor early this month! Sounds like a good promotion but the pay is isnt high as you thought and you'll need to work MORE! Babi shitty kiam siap company I've ever seen. bleh~

oh, and I brought her in to my work place. At least, work wouldn't be so boring =/

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Missing in Action

Good day people, it's been awhile since I blog because been busy with packing and work and of also, my laziness! lol~ many things happening in my company for the past week. most people I know is going to leave because of the company and pressure. So, they gonna be sort of staff soon =( Well, in my place, people just come and go. It's just so hard to bid farewell. A few of us will be moving to new home soon. Hope its a good start =D Anyway, I've got a new toy from bi. Guess what?

A picture of me from a portable "photobooth".
Lohan guo thong sui today.

one click to get this photo effect.
found my Muji's chess set!
fried chicken from Rainbow.
testing 123.
steamboat for Swiss's farewell dinner.

ini adalah kak Swiss yang berdiri tepi I =D

all these is from iPhone 4! Lucky to get them in Apple store otherwise gotta wait for 2-3 weeks. Having fun with it! =D

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Seafood Feast

We've spent about £100 worth of fresh seafoods and took 45 mins drive to fish market. Guess what? They open at 4 in the morning and close at 8 in the MORNING! So, we have to thank those who willing to open their sleepy eyes just to get seafood for dinner =D The seafood includesScallops, Bamboo lalas, fishes, Mussels, Squids, Tiger Prawns and Oysters.

Rice Vermicelli stir fried with mussels.

Steamed fish

Stir fried squid with soy sauce.

Butter mussels

Baked Scallop with rice vermicelli.
Bamboo lala.

Fresh Oyster.

Supposed to be Kam Heong lala. lol~ phail~

Kinda noob in cooking seafood dishes. So we just random cook them and eat them. nom nom nom...

Monday, 26 July 2010

Harvester @ Barnet

This is Harvester, Barnet AND you can't find it in London Central! Viv & Swiss have been telling us how good their pork ribs are and we are EXCITED to dine in on Saturday. It took about 20 mins drive from Hatfield and we need to wait about 40 mins for our table. See, banyak orangkan? This is because they serve a good and affordable food. haha!

Viv, me (said "cheesee"), bi and Swiss.

We had 2 rack of FULL pork ribs and meat platter? served with fries and smashed potatoes and tacos. You will have unlimited refillable Pepsi and salads. However, unfortunately on that day, their pork ribs are DRY! As well as the grilled chickens too =( Even their smashed potatoes are extremely dry! Except for their salads in their salad bar. Kakak Swiss was so upset with their food that day. hahah! I love their tacos and potato salad though =D

Guess what? We've only spent about £43 for 5 people! And yet, we can't finish them. With that portion of food, I think it's good enough for 6 people. =)